In this presentation, we will first have an overview of Xi’an Chan-Ba Ecological District(CBE in short) and its comparative advantages. Then, we will go over the

 regional development of CBE since its establishment.The last but the most important, we will introduce the main industries and promote key projects.

 Chan-Ba Ecological District was established in September 2004, with a planned area of129 km2, of which89 km2 is exploitable with complete infrastructure. In July 2011, CBE was approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as one of the first national ecological districts in northwestChina, as well as the unique development zone with the title of national ecological district. It aims to be the modern service pioneering district of Xi’an and focuses on developing modern service industries and strategic emerging industries. CBE plans to establish a high-end service industry cluster of Xi’an, western regional financial business center, regional demonstration district of ecological and livable residential area. Due to the strategic importance, leaders from the central government, provincial government and local government pay much attention to the development of CBE. Top leaders including Wu Bangguo(chairman of the 11th National People’s Congress Standing Committee), Wen Jiabao(premier of the State Council), Jia Qinglin(chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), Li Changchun(Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee), Xi Jinping(Chinese Vice President), have successively inspected CBE and granted their supports.

 CBE is an area of strategic significance since ancient times. It locates in the northeastern area of Xi’an, with Wei-he River in the north(the largest branch of Yellow River), Xi’an 3rd Ring Road and Bypass Expressway in the south and the east, 2nd ring road in the west, and cargo exclusive railway in the middle. Due to its significant location, CBE enjoys an important urban traffic network with 11km away from downtown(the Bell Tower), 11km from new Administrative Center of Xi’an Municipal Government, 9km from Xi'an Railway Station, and30kmfrom Xi'an-Xianyang International Airport. Xi’an Metro Line One, Line Three and Line Six pass through CBE with stops along business areas and residential areas. Well-functioned urban roads carry out a convenient traffic network in CBE, which can reach any place inXi’anurban areas within half an hour.

 Besides transportation advantage, CBE provides pleasant environment. Geographically speaking, CBE, adjacent to Wei-he River in the north and to Mt. Qin ling (the watershed of China’s North and South, also called China’s central park) in the south, nourished by 2 rivers (Chan-he River and Ba-he River,after which CBE was given this name) and surrounded by 3 plateaus in the south east, has one national wetland park, one world horticultural exposition park, three regional wetland parks, 18 river parks and city plazas.The air and surface water quality can separately meet the national standard II and national category IV. The average green land coverage rate reaches 48.5%, which is 1.7 times of the average rate ofXi’an. The public satisfaction rate about environment in CBE rises up to 90%. Through years of ecological environment management and infrastructure construction, CBE takes on a new look, with more than 180 varieties of plants and 193 varieties of wild birds and animals growing and living harmoniously with people in this treasure place. CBE, thus, was awarded as one of the first National Wetland Parks and National Pilot District for the Protection and Restoration of Water Ecological System.

 In the past seven years, CBE emphasized ecological improvement and infrastructure construction. The Administrative Committee of CBE has accumulatively invested RMB 12billion for infrastructure and environment treatment. With the support of Xi’an Municipal Government, CBE has built more than 100km quality urban roads, 5 sewage treatment plants.

 With its industrial orientation and the improving infrastructure, CBE gradually catches western investors’ eyes. As the modern services pioneering district undertaking parts of the construction mission of Xi’an, CBE on behalf of the Municipal People’s Government of Xi’an, hosts a lot of significant cooperative events, such as the Euro-Asia Economic Forum, 2011 Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition, F1 Powerboat World Championship, the Second China Cup Flower Design Contest, Children International Summer Camp, etc.

 Euro-Asia Economic Forum

 Euro-Asia Economic Forum is an international high-end forum on economy and trade. It is approved by the State Council, sponsored by Secretariat of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Businessman Committee, United Nations Development Program, Secretariat of Eurasian Economic Community, China Development Bank and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government, co-hosted by Boao Forum for Asia and undertaken by Xi’an Municipal People’s Government. The Forum is held biennially and its permanent site is in the centre of CBE. Since its first meeting in 2005, Euro-Asia Economic Forum has aroused wide concerns from countries not only in Europe and Asia but also in the whole world. Thus it has become an important platform for countries both in Europe and Asia to promote mutual understanding and extend exchange and cooperation as well as to boost the co-prosperity of Eurasia.

 2011 Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition

 2011 Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition was held in CBE from April 28 to October 22. It was an international activity with the highest standard and the largest scale in northwest China since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. It attracted 32 nations, three international organizations, 24 provinces and cities as well as 15.728 million visitors, being the greatest one in scale among the past world horticultural expositions. Through promotion and transformation to the World Horticultural Park, it is transferred into a public park renamed Xi’an Expo Park and opened to public on April 28, 2012. Famous theme parks and first-class entertainment facilities will be introduced to make the park continue the spirit and the effect of 2011 Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition, and thus make the park a tourist attraction showing the future home mode of Xi’an. Nowadays, relative measures have been taken to apply for the national five star tourist scenic spot.

 F1 Powerboat World Championship

 It was successfully held in CBE in 2007 with 11 teams and about 120,000 audiences. It is the first water sport contest in northern China.

 The 2nd China Cup Flower Design Contest

 This is a national contest, which is most influential in China’s flower industry. It is cosponsored by China Flower Association and Xi’an Municipal People’s Government. There were more than 50 contestants providing nearly 200 works.

 CBE is also the ideal entertainment and recreation destination for residents in Xi’an. Various sports events and local activities are held in CBE.

 Since its establishment,CBE pays much attention to not only ecological improvement but also industry development. In the past seven years, modern service industry cluster has preliminarily taken its shape. The largest digital publishing base in China’s western region—Shaanxi Digital Publishing Base, Shaanxi National Information Security Industrial Park, Xi’an Financial Business District, Xi’an Chan-Ba CBD Enterprise Headquarters Cluster, Chang’an University Techno-park, etc. are under construction. Meanwhile, enterprises like Shaanxi Publishing Group, National Information Security Engineering Center, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Kempinski Hotel of Germany, Metro Group of Germany, Decathlon Group of France, etc. are gradually introduced.

 In terms of space structure along the Chan-he River and Ba-he River, CBE is divided into 6 functional layouts devoted to different fields of modern service industry, and with a theme of “industry cluster, sector development”, CBE encourages and introduces six key industries: financial business, eco-recreation and entertainment, modern trade and commerce, cultural industry, MICE(meeting, incentive, convention and exhibition), and emerging industries. In the future, CBE will become a new modern service center, high-end financial service district, intelligence economy innovative district, as well as demonstration district of ecological and livable residential areas.

 Financial business

 Xi’an Financial Business District locates in the core area of CBE. It aims at becoming the financial business district of Xi’an metropolis, the financial service supporting base of Guanzhong-Tianshui economic zone, trial plot of financial innovation inChina’s western region in 10 to 15 years. It is predicted that ten well-known financial institution headquarters, five financial background service providers, and 30 financial service enterprises both home and abroad will be introduced.

 Eco-recreation and entertainment

 With the ecological treatment and improvement, CBE is becoming a grandgardenofXi’an. It aims to be an urban recreation and entertainment area ofXi’an   as an international tourism city and to become international tourism destination.  Especially after the opening of 2011 Xi’an World Horticulture Expo, key projects like Guang-yun-tan world expo recreation economic circle, Chan-Ba national wetland park, Ba-he River Tourism and Culture Belt, Chan-he River recreation landscape belt, Yanming Lake eco-residential area and Tao-hua-tan Park eco-landscape, are attracting investments.

 Modern Trade and Commerce

 CBE is a traditional trade and commerce district with the largest railway and highway logistics center ofXi’an. Nowadays, in terms of the convenient transportation and the industry orientation, CBE is bound to construct the area into modern trade and commerce highland of Xi’an. By far, more than ten famous real estate companies from abroad and home have been introduced, among which some have finished their architecture construction and endeavor to introduce commerce and trade companies, especially multinational companies. Some key projects includes R&D headquarters, international high-end commerce center, international flower and horticulture facilities trade center, world ultimate luxury products display and releasing center, top automobile fair.

 Cultural Industry

 Carrying out the culture theme of “ecology and recreation”, CBE strives to develop diversified culture industries, and thus structures a characteristic multicultural industry system consisting of ecology culture, creative culture, leisure culture, international education and training, etc. Key projects includes cultural creative industries incubator, Shaanxi Digital Publishing Base, the western regional finance cultural industries core area.


 As its unique location advantage and attractive environment, CBE becomes the first choice of destination where international conventions, regional meetings, short distance tourism, staff incentive meetings are successfully held. Based on 2011 Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition, CBE puts onto agenda a series of exhibitions and fairs including theme parks, international horticulture bases, northwestern regional wild plant Germplasm banks, five star hotels, conference center and relative infrastructure.

 Emerging Industry

 CBE encourages companies to invest and develop emerging industry projects referring to resource recycle, new energy, information security, cloud-computing, Internet of Things, biopharmaceuticals, etc. So far, key projects like Shaanxi Information Security Industrial Park, Chang’an University Techno-park, have sited their location and a series of projects are successively introduced.

Predictably, CBE will become a new commerce center ofXi’anwith a characteristic modern service industry system—financial business as the core industry, recreation and entertainment, modern trade and commerce, meeting and exhibition as the support, culture industry as the featured industry, and strategic emerging industry as the supplement. In the next five to ten years, CBE will hopefully become a prospective district with the population of over 550,000 and will continuously optimize and upgrade the industry structure in order to provide a better and easier living environment for residents. 
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